Pocket Party

If you enjoy the convenience of games featured in this app, you’ll love our revolutionary new game box that let’s you experience 15 of the best modern board games in one convenient, travel-friendly box for less than the price of one game!

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There are so many incredible board games in the market. The problem is, unlike our Pocket Party games, they can be very expensive and overwhelming to find and learn. This is why we created Game Changer, a curated collection of the very best types of board games that each represent the best type of game.

15 of the best of Modern board games
What is inside the box

Meticulously designed to showcase 15 of the best, most fun types of board games by intelligently sharing game components. Made with premium quality and designed to last.

Age 8+

The 15 games cater to a range of player counts from 2 to 7 players per game. The collection includes games for adults, couples, family game nights and kids aged 8+, making it the ideal gift for any occasion.

Age 8+Buy now - Game Changer Box